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In the 1990’s a small elderly congregation was all that remained of the original Denby Bottles Methodist Church. In September 1996 ‘Contagious: Youth Led Worship’ started to meet at the chapel.

Originally founded by two young girls who wanted a ‘different church’, for over 20 years now, Contagious has been ‘linking people to Jesus’, and in that time, it has grown to become far more than just a youth group. It is a family of God-loving young people that meets every Tuesday evening to plan and practice a service which they then lead at the end of each month. The youth of Contagious start from the age of 11 and range upwards to some older members of the crew who are in their twenties, which means that the makeup of the group is quite unique.  However, this mix of ages is very effective and Denby Bottles church has always held the attitude that the passionate Contagious youth should be allowed to wholly lead their own worship. This attitude, combined with the infectious, enthusiastic nature of the young people gives a wonderful atmosphere where passion for Christ can blaze, and the whole fellowship can benefit from a glorious love for God.

The young people who are a part of the group have learnt to disciple one another, share life and encourage each other to grow in faith and ultimately become more like Jesus.

Contagious work hard to involve current worship techniques into their services, and are always looking for ways in which they can vary the approach they take to worship. Their use of dance, drama and music as well as many other methods maintains a fresh atmosphere whilst keeping true to the Christian values at their core.

Over recent years Contagious has also become known for their very successful pantomimes and ‘Songtagious’ musical show, which have consistently broken Denby Bottles fund-raising records in aid of various charitable causes, and the church itself.

The group are regularly invited to provide worship away from Denby. In addition to this, they have been to all corners of the country on mission, including Southport, Seaham, the Isle of Wight and Cornwall.  Contagious have also led worship at large events such ‘Easter People’, District Synod, and all-age worship at Cliff College festival.

As a fellowship, we also attend Cliff College festival each year, where we spend time together as a group, learn more about what it means to be followers of Christ, and collectively deepen our relationship with God. Many of our members attend the festival together and the experience that they have there with the support of one another can, in many cases, be life changing.

Contagious is a special group.  The degree of passion they have for what they do is incredible.  The love and support they display is humbling and their commitment to linking people to Jesus is unwavering, inspiring and a thrill to witness.


Zeal is a group for our 18+ members of the Church and meets every Wednesday from 7.30pm-9pm. This group encompasses a number of activities. 

– First Wednesday of each month is always a social/games night. This is an opportunity for individuals to get together and just have fun and get together. The format for these nights differs depending on who decides to organise it. The group is run and sustained by its own members so if you have an idea for games night then you can organise it! We have had table tennis nights, board games nights, card games nights, film nights, bowling nights, mini golf nights and even evenings where we simply go out for a meal together.

– Second Wednesday of each month is our tough questions night. For this Wednesday we meet in the Red lion in Ripley to share a drink together and talk through the tough questions that occupy our minds, both as Christians and as inquisitive human beings. Each week we discuss a topic and then decide on what question to go through at the next tough questions, this then gives us a month to look into that topic and think through our own opinions and questions to pose to the group. Some of the topics we have already discussed are, abortion, euthanasia, war, gay marriage and much more. Once a term we have a guest speaker come in to do an open Q+A, so that we can take what we have discussed to a relative expert to hear their take on the various topics. In addition to all this, our pioneer worker interviews individuals who either have direct experience or substantial knowledge on the topics we discuss so that we can delve that bit deeper into the subjects discussed.

– Third Wednesday of each month is our worship night. These nights are very flexible and simple in concept. This night is for all of us to gather together and simply rest in God’s presence and worship together. This can take many forms and follows the direction the group leads in. We talk together, pray together and sing our praises to God for all we have.

– Our fourth and final Wednesday of the month is our Bible study night. For this night we all gather together at the Church to talk through a chapter of a book in the Bible that we have decided to work through and discuss its meaning, history and message for us today. We also take this opportunity to talk to one another about how we are in our personal discipleship and pray for one another.

So if you are a Christian aged 18+ then please feel free to come along and join one of our meetings. You do not have to be a Christian to attend any of our meetings, if you are someone who enjoys fun and games, join our games night, if you are someone who likes to think morally and philosophically on big topics then join our tough questions night. If you are simply curious about the Bible pr what worship is all about then join us on our last two Wednesdays of the month, regardless of faith or lack thereof.


Spark is a group for children in years 4,5,6 and 7. As a group we meet together to play games, eat pizza, watch films and above all have fun. We meet from 6-7pm every Tuesday night and start every evening with a couple of games for us all to get involved in. After that we discuss the theme our session will be following that night and get involved in arts, crafts, performances, gymnastics, music, graffiti and so much more. We then open up our tuc shop full of sweets and drinks for the children to buy in the last fifteen minutes of the sessions so that everyone can relax, talk and just have fun. We also have a games night once a month where we get the table tennis table, pool table, air hockey table and table football out for the kids to play on. The whole session is there for the children to run around, have fun and get to know everyone there. They also have the opportunity to challenge the volunteers to a game to see if they are skilled enough to beat them! 

Once you are in your last year of Spark and getting ready to head off to secondary school we will organise an open day with Contagious so that you can go along to a session designed purely for welcoming you into this new group. Since we know that moving to secondary school can be a stressful time and can feel like everything is changing, even if you don’t want it to, while in year 7 you are able to attend both Spark and Contagious. That way you dont feel pushed out of any one group and can still hold on to something in this transitional time. 

So if your child is in years 4,5, or 6, then feel free to bring them along to the Church to join in with our fun and activities! 

Children & Families

Work with young families has been an important part of our fellowship for many years and has developed alongside Contagious. Toddlers’ Inc meets weekly, and aims to provide a welcoming environment for parents and carers to engage with one another while their children enjoy playing, singing and doing craft. Linked to toddlers are several other groups including Toddlers’ Inc Plus, which includes older children in the school holidays, ‘Time-Out’ which is a time for parents and carers to relax and meet together in the evening around once a term, and a monthly Messy Church which is supported by the whole fellowship of DBMC.


Our latest venture is a men’s fellowship group called ‘Bottlemen’. The group had their first meeting at the beginning of March, and enjoyed a time of laughter and sharing together. The aim is for the group to meet quarterly and for a different person to organise each session so the meetings are varied in theme and location. Everyone in the church is excited to see what God will do with this time that the men are dedicating to becoming closer to Him and to each other.

Spatial Outline

The area of Kilburn, Denby and Holbrook is located to the south of Amber Valley Borough. The area, which is made up off three civil parishes, adjoins the district of Erewash and is approximately 5miles north of Derby and 12miles east of Nottingham. The area is linked to several communication corridors including the A38, A61 and the A609 all of which provide useful connections to other parts of the region and country. The area is noted for its framework knitting, pottery and coal mining industrial heritage, elements of which are still evident. Its housing market has grown significantly (approximately 20%) over the past two decades, which could be attributed to its emerging status as a commuter settlement for surrounding towns and the City of Derby.