Who are we?

Denby Bottles Methodist Church is located in the small community of Denby in Derbyshire, five miles north of Derby and a mile south of the Denby Pottery Visitors’ Centre.

We are a community of people passionate about Jesus and the change he can make in people’s lives. We see our church as a place where God’s people can draw together to find refreshment and nourishment, and as a spring that resources us to be God’s people in the whole of life.

Some friendly faces

Rev. Kate Strange
T: 07423144525

Hannah Miller
Church Steward

Jenny Lawrence
Church Steward

Andy Bales
Church Steward

Paul Hearne
Property Steward

Andy Lawrence

Location & History

There is a stone tablet on the gable end of this brick-built chapel which reads “Ebenezer Chapel 1872”. This being the date the chapel was dedicated.  Within 4 years there had been such a growth in numbers that the building was too small, it being extended in 1883 to double the original size. In the 1960’s a two storey extension was built to the rear.

The building was already showing its age when in the 1990’s a small elderly congregation was all that remained of the original Church. In 1996 ‘Contagious: Youth Led Worship’ started to meet at the chapel and from this spark there has been steady growth, commencing with children’s groups followed by youth activities.  The internal layout of the building was altered to make the space more flexible and appropriate for today’s use.  A small but enthusiastic group of people have joined the church, gathered from a wider than local area, embracing a more modern approach to worship and being church.  This group continues to grow, especially with younger people. Continued development of the church is restricted by the age of the building and its location.

The wider church community is continuing to grow and includes people of all ages from 0-90+.

How we see ourselves

  • A missional community that gathers for worship

  • Focus is mission – making new disciples of Jesus Christ – engaging with those who are not part of church – wherever we are, whoever we are  – in the name of Jesus

  • We gather to engage with God – Father, Son and Holy Spirit – present, active, relational, transforming God – contemporary worship, relevant, done well – challenging, adaptive.

  • A loving community that welcomes, accepts, forgives and blesses.

  • We prioritize grace – relationships – building Jesus’ community – open, inclusive, non-judgmental, non-discriminatory – safe

  • Community beyond the building or activities – whole-life networks – belonging in a variety of ways – commitment (membership) is covenant relationship; we disciple, invest in and care for those who want to commit: they attend worship, belong to a small group, give and serve

  • A relevant community that listens, adapts, addresses needs, serves

  • Servant-hearted – responsive – practical – engaging with issues and needs – the questions that are being asked – team-working – encouraging involvement

  • Up-to-date – doing things well – critique of our values as well as society’s values – reflective re-evaluation

  • A growing community that challenges, learns and matures

  • Led by the Spirit – living by truth – expectant of transformation – mentoring each other – small group relationships – developing Christian character and maturity

  • Intelligent use of Bible as a key way God engages with us – open to questions, scholarship, insights from other learning, insight from the Spirit

  • A Jesus community that prays, trusts, disciples and is becoming like Christ

  • Founded on Jesus Christ, his life, death and resurrection – engaging with God in the whole of life – accountable to God and to each other – naturally supernatural